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As a college student, I found myself eating rice on almost a daily basis. It was a cheap way to go about getting a meal every single day, and since I was on a budget, the best way to do so was through the use of rice. I had to make an investment in a rice cooker, and since some of the cheaper ones didn’t look too promising, I felt like I had to spend a lot of money. I was on a search for an affordable rice cooker that wouldn’t let me down, and I feel like I may have finally found it. There are plenty of pages to go to that will teach you about rice cookers, but I prefer to lean towards the more reliable ones. If the reviews seem fishy, they aren’t going to come in handy, that’s why I wish I knew about this site before. If this review helps even just one of the people reading this, I’ll be happy with myself.



Aroma is actually the leading rice cooker brand that you can look for in the United States, so that speaks volumes to the products that they’re going to put on the market. This rice cooker can yield up to 8 cups of cooked rice, which equals to around 8 servings. It’s easy to use and be programmed to do many different things, and comes with more than the fair share of accessories. There’s a steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula and a few recipes (as well as coupons) to sweeten the deal. It doesn’t only just cook rice, I’ve actually been able to cook both meats and vegetables using this item. It’s been good to me so far, let’s just hope that trend doesn’t stop anytime soon.

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I liked how I was able to cook all of my meals without needing to worry about whether they would be perfectly done or not. Most of the time I would just use a timer or program another setting to keep my meals the way I like them, and the 8 cup yield is another trait I enjoyed quite a bit. The accessories are there, and while I didn’t use them, would come in handy for many others.


They only come in silver and white, and while a rice cooker isn’t supposed to look cute or fun by any means, I’ve always seen colorful ones in those Japan-based videos on YouTube. It hurts to know that nobody cares about coloring rice cookers in the US, for shame!


I love my rice cooker, even if they didn’t let me get crazy with the customization! It’ll happen one day, I can feel it in my bones. Rice cookers should be both cheap and reliable, which is why this one is the perfect fit for my dorm room. (Reference:

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