Buying camping pots and pans is a big decision

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I use a set of lightweight pots and pans daily.  If I’m camping or cooking in a hotel room, my set of camping cookware is pretty important.  Buying camping pots and pans is a big decision because they last for years.

Living with only a small set of pots and pans can be easy if you think before you buy.  It boils down to overall size and every piece having multiple uses.  Camp pans take up a lot of space in your bags.  If your set is cheap and large, you will have trouble packing them.  If your set is too small, you will find any type of creative cooking impossible.  It is important to choose the smallest set that can handle your biggest meal. 

The size and amount of the pots and pans that I carry varies somewhat depending on what continent I’m on.  If I’m going to be doing a lot of wilderness camping and making my own showers I take a full set with a 4 liter pan and a frying pan.  A 4 liter pot is great for retrieving water from a creek or heating shower water.  If I’m in more developed areas and mostly camping in campgrounds or staying in hotels I can scale back to the next smallest pan and skip the frying pan.

My pans are a mixture of several different cookware sets that I’ve collected over the years.  Some are titanium and others are stainless steel.  The most important thing is that they fit together nicely in my bags and last over the years. 

Lightweight travel and trekking cookware can very greatly in price and quality.  Just like all camping gear, the cheap stuff can let you down at crucial times.  

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Things that I look for when buying  Camping Pots and Pans

Fit nicely together  If your pans do not fit snugly together they will make a lot of noise in transit.  Pack-ability is one of the most important things to consider in your decision.

Individual handles  Some camping pots and pan sets have a removable handle that is used with the entire set.  This is to avoid the redundancy of individual handles.  My problem is that I always misplace the handle and am left with no way of picking up hot pans.  I prefer individual handles for each piece.  This way they are attached and never get lost.

-Cleans easy     I like non-stick surface as it makes for easy cleaning.

-Does not burn easily Titanium behaves differently than stainless steel. The whole surface of a titanium pan heats up. Stainless steel pots heat mainly on the bottom. Cheap quality pots (aluminum) easily get hot spots that can scorch your meals.

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