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I have a friend who doesn’t have a coffee pot. I can’t imagine that, myself. However, she has an electric kettle and keeps an assortment of teas, hot chocolate mixes, and instant coffee available for her guests. There are many times that I want tea or coffee and don’t have the need to make a full pot, so a kettle is a nice way to allow me to do that. Sure, I can heat water in the microwave, but that can be tedious, especially if you are making more than one cup. Yes, I’ll admit it. I had kettle envy.

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So, I decided to start looking for a tea kettle of my own. I had a couple of requirements: I did not want a plastic kettle, it needed to have automatic shut off, and it needed to heat water quickly. I came across this little guy and it fit the bill perfectly. All of my appliances are stainless or black, so this kettle looks nice on my counter, and is available to heat up water at any time.

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I have teenagers, so they are always using boiling water for soups and noodles and whatever else, and this works very well for that. I use it for tea, instant coffee, and to make coffee in my french press. It is so convenient! The water heats up so quickly, even faster than I expected. It doesn’t make noise when the water is ready, but you can hear the water boiling, and you can hear the kettle making a click sound when the water is heated.

I have owned several products from Hamilton Beach, and have always been pleased with them. I associate Hamilton Beach with quality, and this kettle does not disappoint. It feels very sturdy. Filled with water, it can have some weight to it, but it isn’t too bad. It is about the same weight as a full pot of coffee. The outside of the kettle can get very hot, but the handle stays cool, which I like. I was pleasantly surprised at how long the water stayed warm afterward. My friend saw this on my counter and could not believe that I paid about the same amount for my kettle as she did for her plastic one. I guess now she has kettle envy! I imagine she will be purchasing this model very soon. Information from¬†Shelleyd73

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