Getting healthier with wheatgrass

My cousin is a real health nut. In fact, he recently ran an Iron Man event and plans to run more in the coming months. He is always ribbing me about my pretty unhealthy lifestyle and trying to get me to go on hikes and to the gym with him. I have resisted so far, but I was recently given my first bad cholesterol report and realized I had to start making healthier choices. I started by walking three times a week and decided to eat healthier. One of the foods that my cousin is always recommending is wheatgrass, so I decided to try it. After all, how bad can it taste?


I started by trying to eat it raw but it was playing havoc with my bathroom schedule. I read online that it was best as a juice. So I set about finding the best wheatgrass juicers reviews on the internet and chose a juicer. After it was delivered I tried to juice some wheatgrass but the taste was still very strong. So, I decided to try some smoothie recipes from the internet. I decided that I liked a Hawaiian style mix the best. I used some honey, pineapple juice and orange juice with the wheatgrass and blended it all together. The resulting mixture tasted great. The wheatgrass has also helped my stomach. I have a pretty weak stomach and any sort of spice and alcohol results in pain almost instantly. The wheatgrass works wonder in cooling down and comforting my stomach. Along with dietary changes like these and more exercise, I have noticed a real difference in the amount of energy I have and I have shown lower cholesterol levels on my last test as well. I sleep well and I have decided to start increasing my intensity of exercise slowly to make sure that I keep myself healthy.

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