What I Love About My Rice Cooker


A few years ago, although, I loved cooking rice, investing in the best rice cooker is one thing I had never given any serious consideration. However, that was soon to change after I visited a friend one day. I saw her cook using a stains steel rice cooker and I liked how the rice came out looking great and tasty. Three days after that day, I was out looking for a rice cooker; I went through every single rice cooker review I could get, but with the number of options that were available, I was practically spoilt for choice. I decided to call my friend and ask for a few recommendations and that when she advised I go for the best stainless steel rice cooker.

It is now months since I bought my rice cooker and what I have been able to net from it have all made this cooking appliance one of the best investments in my kitchen. I love the kind of convenience and reliability it comes with. Unlike in the past, when I could spent hours ad hours trying cook great rice, I can now do all that with some much ease and within the shortest time possible. It does not even stop there; compared to those traditional cooking methods, mine is by far one of the best rice cookers. Coming with a non-stick finish, I can preserve the aroma of my rice.

Last but not least; it is amazing how I can clean my cooker after each use with so much ease. With warm and soapy water, I am good to go. Overall, if you are out the looking for a great rice cooker, just like me, I suggest you go for stainless cooker. I have had this model in my kitchen for close to 4 months and all I have been able to do with it is simply mind blowing.

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