Good Flashlight I Would Recommend You

All of us may have some sort of LED flashlight in our homes. Known for its superior quality and durability, Maglite is everyone’s choice for flashlight. Plenty of good flashlight reviews will tell you about the good quality of this product.

Maglite flashlight is available in various forms and it has got two types of LED. The current one used in Maglite is Cree XP-E. This type of LED is more energy efficient as well as it is brigheter from the earlier LED type. The earlier ones used the Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel or Luxeon 3 LED. You will obviously like to choose the new LED type as it is brighter and saves energy. There is a way to differentiate between the new type of LED and the older LED. By looking at the business end of light you can differentiate between the old and the new type of LED.

There are various sizes available in Maglite flashlights, for example, there is a 2AA type. 2AA comes with a flat LED cap and with Lanyard tail cap. You should go for the lanyard tail type because it is more reliable. The other options available are a 3D type or a 2D type. 3D type has a heavier built while the 2D type has a smarter build. The runtime of the 3D type though is longer. There is not much difference in the runtime of both types. 2D and 3D lights will always be more expensive than the 2AA lights.

The Maglite flashlight can be either purchased from a store or can be ordered online. Buying it online though can be little expensive than purchasing it from your nearby shop. The difference can be of almost double. So purchase it locally if you can.

If you are used to the incandescent lights, you will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Maglite LED. The cool white light of Maglite LED is more attractive then the incandescent one. The LED light is brighter and does not generate much heat.

Maglite Flashlight is quite handy to use. They offer great value for money as they last for years.

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